Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Final "ARMSmasters" Shots

Here are two recently refinished shots from Mike Winn's ARMSmasters project. We've been going back through the trailer and adding shadow passes, new scenes, and even more effects. These two shots are from the original, and have gotten a nice face lift for our final (final) trailer.

ARMSmasters Kongou Zoom shot from Niles Bontrager on Vimeo.

An updated version of Kongou's rocket to the face shot. Now with shadows, gradients, and effects!

ARMSmasters Aeslyn Turn shot from Niles Bontrager on Vimeo.

Another ARMSmasters updated shot. This is the Aeslyn turn shot with shadows and a few added effects. Makes a pretty big difference!

To see the original trailer, take a look here!

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