Wednesday, April 30, 2008

D.O.A. --Dead On Arrival

Well, here's a collection of images from my final project in Environments & Characters called D.O.A. The story will follow Maxwell Adrene and his search for himself after suffering an amnesiac spell and waking up in front of a destroyed home, assumed to be his. With nothing to necessarily live for, as far as his memory recollects, he is convinced into joining the military and putting himself in line for military weapons experiments, thinking he should at least get a kick out of life, if he doesn't know what he's supposed to live for. Eventually, more and more of his past comes to light... and in the end he has quite the reason for joining the military.
This is, really the first time (except for an expressions project in this same class) that I have drawn the same character more than once, let alone several times in different poses and expressions. It presents quite a challenge for me, but not one I'm unwilling to take. It was really fun, I just wish it wasn't during finals... I would've taken a little more time, and done more than what was required. I am definitely considering this to be the beginning of my senior project as well. I think I could have a lot of fun fleshing this out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mass Art-Foolery

So here's a set of images that really have no relation to each other in any way. The first is a caricature I did of Harry, one of the most often used nude models at our school. The next two are projects from my sophomore year in Figure Illustration I. Both of which I was very proud of at the time, and I feel like I should post them because they've never seen the internet before. The last two are the first two of three maquettes that I'm making for my maquette making class. Yay sculpey! Though I am finding that I have a rather difficult time taking things from my imagination and putting them into 3D, no matter what I'm using, digital or traditional.

Some Photography Bits

Just because I dabble in photography now and then. I'm no one trick pony! (though I won't say I'm some sort of amazing photographer, let the one's who are actually good get their credit) These pictures are all of my own animals, which is awesome because my parents live so far away now that it's hard to get pictures of my furry little friends. Biscuit, the dog, is as smart as bricks... and the cat Ms Kitty (wow, isn't my family original?) is one of those cats that enjoys frequent lunatic fits, including but not limited to: insane yowling, running across the house as fast as possible, chasing things that don't exist, and beating the living crap out of the dog that's half her size. I love my cat.

Hooray for Random Old Finds!

This isn't mine at all, but it is of me, so I feel that's relevant.
This is a caricature of me done by Loy Bouttamy, my old manager my last year and Cedar Point. By the way, this is also me minus everything that makes me who I am today: no beard, no sideburns, no long hair and round glasses. Which is how they made me look while I worked there, so really, all the caricatures of me (if I can even find them) will look more like that. Eww.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Environments Galore

yet again, two more environment assignments... which I believe came out a bit better than the last. It's good to see quick progression, reassures me of my learning capabilities. Anyway, the assignment was bar, bus stop, or bank; and we had to pick two from the list. I chose the bus stop (top) and the bar (bottom). I also decided that I wanted to split them into a sunrise piece and a sunset piece, just to play with lighting effects. Environments are a bit much for me, so much going on, and I realize that there are bits here and there that are a bit unfinished, but I really wanted to focus on lighting and mood, as those are universally important just as much as I universally sucked at it before. Thus-- what I've learned with these even if I didn't enjoy doing them as much as other pieces, will make future stuff more awesome. Count on it.