Monday, April 7, 2008

Environments Galore

yet again, two more environment assignments... which I believe came out a bit better than the last. It's good to see quick progression, reassures me of my learning capabilities. Anyway, the assignment was bar, bus stop, or bank; and we had to pick two from the list. I chose the bus stop (top) and the bar (bottom). I also decided that I wanted to split them into a sunrise piece and a sunset piece, just to play with lighting effects. Environments are a bit much for me, so much going on, and I realize that there are bits here and there that are a bit unfinished, but I really wanted to focus on lighting and mood, as those are universally important just as much as I universally sucked at it before. Thus-- what I've learned with these even if I didn't enjoy doing them as much as other pieces, will make future stuff more awesome. Count on it.