Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The ram frog.
Y'know, they've got bullfrogs, but why not ram frogs? And what if rams and frogs actually bred to make them? This is me toying around to the point that if you saw it you'd say "what has science done!?" and then you'd probably just pat him on the head, and laugh as he and his kin headbutt in midair and flop around after landing. Fun times. Hope you enjoy him, just another one of my creature experiments.


Semi said...
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Logen said...

Hi Niles,

I read on DA that you do commission work. I'd like to enquire on your rates. A price list would be good. :)

Logen L.

Niles Bontrager said...

I updated my commission info on DeviantArt now with prices, but I'll list them here again:

Portrait sketch (shoulders/chest up): $5
Full-body sketch: $15
Full-body w/ Background: $30
Inking: Add $5, or $10 for one with a background
*all these prices are per character per piece

Colored Pieces:
(I will use a simpler 3-layer style of coloring unless otherwise negotiated)
Portrait: $15
Full-body: $25
Full-body w/ Background: $60
*again, these prices are per character per piece

My DA journal also has example links in it, I'm not sure they work in comments on here. Thanks for taking interest, can't wait to hear from you.

Logen said...

Okay thanks :)

I'll consider your services.