Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Challenge

Well, I decided that since I've been having a rather easy time improving (hell it's never EASY, but it went smooth in comparison) that I should go and challenge myself to things that I'm not used to. So I've got something dark, and macabre... definitely out of my usual range, and in fact, I've ALWAYS had a hard time making things dark, both in color and in content. It's just not in me, but I feel that I need to be able to make it when the inspiration hits. Also, I have a piece done in marker, because I've done everything digitally for the past year, and I feel that I really need to make sure I keep the roots. Besides... there is no fixing mistakes once you step past the pencil. So, here it is, my challenges for myself over the weekend. Macabre, and giving up my Ctrl-Z addiction. D:

1 comment:

Erin Greener said...

The image on top is so phantom of the opera. I love it.